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Migrating Back to You

by Samuel J Alibrando

Canada Geese by AllAboutBirds

Haven't been blogging much for awhile, so consider this my "migration" back to you.

Really, Have You Thought About This?

Darwinian Evolution is the extreme positivity superstition that everything works out for no reason without any intention from anyone.

You realize how extremely optimistic it is to believe accidents create beautiful and inspiring results, don't you?

This would hard to do, but evolution teaches new inventions and creative improvements.
Dice sequence by anncapictures

This is not a lucky arrangement of dice and colors, but dice INVENTING new things and making new things, NOT falling into place. Remember that.

Darwinian Evolution is the religion with one very strict rule,

"No person is smarter or more powerful than man, only things can be more powerful than man."

Not too humble.

It's quite obvious man makes a mess of so many things, but we see nature continually on a amazingly well-managed course. Seasons, migrations, mating, tides, blooming and pollination, all over the world.

Thankfully, man is neither the manager or inventor of nature. It is hilarious that the superiority of both power and intelligence in nature is called accidental by so many intellectuals of the world and taught as scientific fact at almost every college and university and in the last century, including elementary schools.

Do you know the story of "The Emperor's New Clothes"? If not, Google it. You will never forget the lesson from this short children story.

Education does not mean you are smarter than those without degrees.
"Nature is Always Talking"

Do you think it’s possible to be in disagreement with any large body of experts and still be right?

If you think that is NOT possible, you can stop reading now.

When I was young, I was just arrogant with my contrasting opinions. Starting in my early 40’s, I was amazed at how many things I was noticing that seemed to conclusively disprove the scientific merit of evolution. I don't mean deep ideas only intellectuals or philosophers can understand. These are simple, logical, visible, easy stuff where a regular working guy would say "Yeah, that's right!"

(If you are reading on a phone and can't read what the comic professor guy is saying, it's this: "If Leonardo da Vinci never went to college that means I'm smarter than him!")

I have known many professors professing evolution and honestly, they were and are smarter than me. So how could so many be wrong? It was confusing to me so I would review to find my mistake and instead continually discover even more evidence making it less controversial to me personally.

At home, I have some science books about evolution and also some books about creationism. All of the books on both sides seem difficult to read. This is my number one rule for explaining things:

“If the reader or listener doesn’t understand, start over.”

By now, I am on the side of creationism and as much as I appreciate the scientific writing proving the creationist view, I feel like a child who can’t keep up. I can applaud, but honestly, don’t ask me to explain it.

Of course, this is not 100% of the time but on the evolution side, it almost seems intentional, like a tactic. As if to say

People think they are smarter than others.
"Nature is Always Talking"

Of course you’re not as smart as we are, but scientists have learned … blah blah blah. So don't you dare question it, you are just not smart enough."

Oh, you phone users. That guy in the comic looking down at the guy with a belly is saying "If you can't understand me, that proves I'm smarter than you."

Which makes no sense at all.

Currently, I still read evolution books and underline things I doubt, question, or laugh at ridiculous conclusions.

My writing method is to enlighten without intimidating, to awaken without needing to trust, to reveal ideas without using big terminology. I try. But you have to think. Some folks really don't want to do that.

These next several blog contributions will be more along these lines of reasoning rather than the sheer joy of nature’s genius, with your permission.

More conversational style from me, and please, let’s talk.

Thanks and God bless.


P.S. The 2 comic drawings are from my book "Nature Is Always Talking" only available as an ebook outside the Philippines. I am not the artist, Fernando "Nadz" Balingasa is. I will check if the book is available outside the Philippines in print form on


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