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Music’s Power and Influence

Music beckons the emotions even without lyrics. As a song, the lyrics can become a mantra sinking deep into the subconscious.

As art, music can suggest to listeners values, behavior, goals.  All this can occur while tapping your toes or whistling a melody.


I’ve seen music create an atmosphere of faith in churches and inspire trouble in bars. Music is truly a universal language. Make no mistake, it is language. It can change our mood and take us places, even with no lyrics.


The span of genres, types, tastes and interpretations of music is displayed in the vast array of radio stations, musicians, orchestras, and history. Of the top 16 YouTube videos ever, 13 are music. So hungry are the masses for the music that suits them there are billion dollar music industries internationally that peaked historically in profits in the 1970s and 1980s. The demand for music exceeds those who can afford it. The internet has made music more available than ever before in history, both legally and illegally.


While the historic profits were soon followed with historic loss due to peer to peer sharing of music for free, there is also a new opportunity for 10’s of thousands of musicians and songwriters delighted to share their music for free with the whole world.

It is an interesting time.


According to the global music trade body IFPI, there are now more than 13 million licensed tracks available on more than 400 different services worldwide. I'm sure this is growing. 

Not only can music influence powerfully, how many simple songs do you remember and enjoy? Children’s songs, fun songs, love songs . . . In truth, simple melodies stick with us easier and longer than complicated orchestrations but in the end, it is always about how it makes us feel. There is no right formula.

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Here, I share some of my music. Most of it is rather amateur, but like most artists I hope to create some extra quality stuff. A home studio is more affordable than ever before. It is not for any ambition but the sheer joy of producing musical sound that I personally am proud to have composed and can share. 


There are some good songs here that I am proud of but I hope to delete many of these with higher quality replacements. 


I wrote my first song at age 8 in 1961, and still remember it.  

Surprisingly, after playing guitar for more than 5 decades, I have never purchased a guitar until 2017. From my very first guitar from my Aunt Mary I think in 1961, every guitar I owned has been a gift. Also surprisingly, but a little disappointing, is that I have done almost no recording during my life. It is the mechanics of recording and a host of character flaws that has prevented me I suppose. On the positive side, as an athlete can enjoy a sport without becoming a pro, or an artist who paints for joy instead of profit … for my whole life, music has been a joy and making new songs has added great pleasure.


However, I learned that anything unfinished, remains unshared. I think I should finish, share, improve, share, learn, enhance, improve, share. I hope I can inspire some of you to do the same, but especially to elevate society to reach for a higher quality of living and love. 

A wide, wide variety of music styles for an extremely pleasant lifetime of playing for pleasure,personal motivation, encouragement, worship, or fun.

I have learned so much about guitar, composing music, creativity, lyric writing, songwriting and presentation through the years I did not realize until recently how much I have to offer. Please subscribe if you are interested in songwriting tips and other original music events I may offer in the future.

Some links to some of Samuel J Alibrando's music.       

Spotify        On Spotify, scroll down to "albums" those are just more songs.

 Amazon Digital Music   

In general, if you search "Samuel J Alibrando music" you should be able to listen free somewhere.

YouTube is free music. After search "Samuel J Alibrando music" see "Top Tracks" then select "VIEW FULL PLAYLIST"

Click here: YouTube for Samuel J Alibrando music

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