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Christians in the Arena (2006) printed

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The book, Christians in the Arena, is of great relevance to Christians today in all nations. Although this book was written regarding Christian responsibility of United States citizens, it is  entirely on the basis of scripture. Some nations have a strong Christian culture while America’s heritage is Christian. Neither tradition is enough to keep a nation on track. How do we command our own behavior in the realm of confronting evil and being loving. To understand the loving authority Christians are intended to exercise, Biblical instruction is presented for Christian citizens to voice wisdom to their generation.


To consider how Christians ought to respond to moral wrong in any nation using Biblical directives should not be unique, but it might be. Instead of building a case on America’s Christian heritage, the author briefly outlines American form of government and citizenship. Explaining that laws reflect values and influence the nation’s morality, he then provides scriptural commandments to kings who govern but points out that these also apply to free men, especially if they can vote or lead. This is what makes the book universal for Christians everywhere.


When Biblical prophets the people’s sin the negative reaction of the people was expected, but sometimes led to repentance. This is an insight, but fast-forward to present day and we know more fully how uncomfortable we are declaring repentance from sin practiced by many.


Somehow we have missed that sin does not and will not cooperate with holiness. Sin must be confronted and overcome, especially in ourselves.


Also, while commanded to pray for our nation to influence its direction, hundreds of thousands of Christians fail to vote. So many declare, “My vote won’t change anything”.


Would the same attitude exist if they were denied the right to vote? By being tolerant to blatant sin we are choosing courtesy to Satan and rude betrayal to God? This book shouldn’t be unusual, but sadly, it may be.


How timely is it to yell, “Fire!” if the house is burning? You don’t stop until everyone hears and escapes. American Bible believers are beyond building a Christian nation and beyond defending its Christian principles. Now in America, Christian perspective is basically not invited to the “public forum” unless they are willing to compromise that faith by publicly declaring they respect all religions equally, respect all sexual preferences, respect the right to abortion, confess evolution is true, and pledge to not be offended if Christ, God and the Bible are mocked, etc.


If it can happen in America where God’s Word is the foundation of its laws and government, it can happen in your country.


This is a polarizing book. Many Christians will fight Christian Biblical values because they don’t take some scripture as seriously as other scripture. We betray our faith when we avoid calling sin “sin”. Believers who condemn other Christians for addressing morally controversial topics, will criticize this book. But all who read the book will be permanently impacted and find the need to discuss these things with others. We are the light of the world and each life has a short time to shine that light on earth.


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