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Car Seeds - Baby Cars

Let’s make a seed. Let’s make a car seed that can grow into a new car, just like a tree seed.

After all, the universities, science textbooks, the elementary schools and science programs say seeds were made by accident. How hard can it be?

germinating by jcesar2015

In fact, the theory claims plant life was before animal intelligence. If seeds can be invented before there was such a thing as brains, making seeds is supposedly something a plant can figure out so it should be pretty easy.

Let’s make a seed of something that we can already make because we cannot make a living tree, but we can make a car. We might reverse engineer a complete functioning car to make a seed that can "grow" a car.

This could be incredibly profitable since it would far cheaper to ship 5,000 car seeds than 5,000 cars. So, in this scenario, we ship the seeds and then on the receiving end, they open the box with instructions on what chemicals to add and grow these little car seeds into full-size cars.

Car fetal stage?

We can imagine they might look like blobs in the beginning when the car seeds begin to germinate. Little fetal cars that in a matter of weeks begin forming little headlights and little tires. So cute.

Gradually it develops enough so we can open the tiny hood and under that hood there’s the early stages of an engine with spark plug buds, carburetor, air filter, water hoses and an oil pump. We will need the oil that is also forming there. And look, an air conditioner with tiny insulated wires. There is the muffler, the steering mechanism, and all these things are all forming because we pre-programmed it into the seed.

Can we put all this in a seed?

You understand, to succeed we cannot merely have all the ingredients to make a car, parts must materialize in the right place with the right connections. Not only that, all parts must become the exact right sizes.

In fact, if the bolt grows faster than the nuts and washers, those nuts and washers could break. Same for the matching threads which must synchronize in growth. The tires must end up the same size, the trunk and doors must fit perfectly in order to latch.

The side view mirrors can't grow on the roof. Just like any car, all parts must connect logically: the Speedometer, control knobs, radio, brake pads, and hey, let’s add a clock, thermometer and comfortable, adjustable seats.

Remember, we know how to build this car so now we are making a seed version. However, paying customers will have preferences.

We need some kind of DNA to control customer request: year, make and model, colors and options. Car DNA?

Sound challenging? Yes, of course it does. It is impossible for us. A seed with stem cells that grow glass, metal, plastic, rubber, paint, programmed chips, carpet, lights, all made in miniature growing with precise placement, connection and size.

But let's keep pretending.

Car seeds fractional shipping and cost

Growing cars would mean instead of large storehouses with all the parts and raw materials, it would be a laboratory where seeds are made and tested.

  • We grow the parts

  • We grow the metal and wire

  • We grow the glass and the upholstery

  • We grow the battery and lights

But we do not merely grow them but all the parts grow only in the precise place where it can do its work.

This is what happens everyday with every seed for every tree and plant. Each storing the blueprints awaiting conditions that trigger the germination to initiate growing a mini version of its parent. Car seed or tree seed, all the various different, interacting, fitted, functioning parts slowly appearing and becoming recognizable. Is this possible? Well, you've seen forests, billions of seeds of every kind around the world performing this amazing ritual daily.

Rather than transport 5,000 mighty oaks full grown at 60-70 feet tall, 5,000 seeds is absolutely a better solution.

And then, as if this was not marvelous enough, each grown version makes dozens or hundreds or thousands of seeds, over and over again. Wow, this should the price of cars way down if the seeds provide all the materials and construction. Maybe manufactured seeds should grow in the trunk.

The average number of parts on a car is 30,000 including the screws and bolts.(link)

Before we claim equal intelligence with whoever made humans, we should make car seeds first as practice and then work our way up to manufacturing (not cloning) a human, but humans have quite a few more parts than the 30,000 average on cars.

We need to build the living cells. We do have another big challenge here though. I guess we cannot build living cells until after we learn how to add life to the correct ingredients.

So after we figure out all the parts in human cells and necessary micro organisms critical to our life, the total sum of parts for a human body is about 37 trillion cells(link).

Unfortunately, we are not yet done figuring out all the parts inside the various types of functioning cells.

I guess we can start with simple car seeds as practice, first.


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