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Brain-Stirring and Inspiring -   Volume 1

The beginning of a 7-part series over the next 3 years, here is the first installment of 50+ transcripts from the popular daily radio broadcasts entitled “Nature Narrations”.  Fast reading, plenty of content, something you will refer to many times. It also has a bonus section “Rules for Science” which will have you cheering as your brain celebrates common sense, fairness and a simple love for the truth.

Click cover for link and on Amazon click “Look Inside” above the cover for a free look at the Table of Contents and the first few articles (more on phones). Purchase allows instant download to your phone, tablet or computer or ALL THREE. Great offers with my book from Kindle.


Volume 2 through 7 will also have various bonus sections and with feedback for favorite kinds of content, we may add more. Enjoy.

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