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About Me

Samuel J Alibrando born 1953 and raised in southern New Jersey and Philadelphia area, moved to California in 1977. In 2005, he lived 1 hour east of Yosemite National Park south entrance when 1st edition of "Nature Never Stops Talking" was published.
Alibrando draws inspiration from the incredible details found throughout nature worldwide but speaks and writes on several subjects.
Presently lectures to various audiences, colleges, universities (mostly in the Philippines) and daily on the classical FM national Philippines radio with "Nature Narrations" a daily 2-minute segment on the genius in nature.
In June 2016, the beginning of a series of ebooks and audiobooks each having 50 articles plus a separate audiobook, both excerpts from the popular daily radio spot "Nature Narrations" broadcast from Manila to all the Philippines. This “Brain-Stirring, Inspiring Nature” series of 50 is slated for 7 complete ebooks/audiobooks over the next 3 years.

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