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You Can Help from Anywhere


I have hundreds of mp3 recordings of short 2-minute radio spots I have done in the Philippines. Your commitment, if you would like to try, is only for 20 of these and I request you do them in less than 30 days.

20 spots is only 34 minutes because I only speak 100 seconds per broadcast.



You download 20 mp3 files from my cloud. You then listen to each and write it down in MS Word verbatim, then email back to me.

Keep the mp3’s for your own enjoyment. If you like, you can ask for another 20 broadcasts.


Using CANVA, our collaboration. I do a blog I am aching to make weekly but it has been closer to monthly. I send it to subscribers(please subscribe). Your commitment, if you would like to try, is only for 3 weeks but each must be done within 30 hours of my request (each). I ask for 3 weeks because teaching what I need may end up taking more of my time than doing it myself but hopefully the 2nd and 3rd week will save me time. 

We can schedule ahead so it works for you. Pinterest, Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter and Instagram all have different ideal sizes for posting. Using, you resize and re-enter same text within various size criteria (4 of them) and send to me for feedback. Once satisfactory, I will be the one to upload to Social Media.

If you like, you can ask to do it again for another 3 weeks.?


If you are interested in a volunteer adventure, that's great! Please email me at and put "VOLUNTEER" in the subject line. Thanks.

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