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You Are a Dreamer

graphic by Stefan Kellar

When we say "dream", we could mean fantasize or wish; or we could mean the place we find ourselves when we sleep.

Even if you think you have completely no creativity, your dreams prove otherwise, don’t they? In your own dreams, you journey to distant places and create amazing stories, most of which you forget in the morning. This is from your head and playing for a one-person audience ... you.

In dreams, you may do everyday things or things you would never do in real life. You might see loved ones that have died years ago, or find yourself endlessly searching for something.

Humans have 4-6 dreams a night each between 5 and 20 minutes. The average human

baby foto by Pro File

spends about 6 years of their entire life dreaming.

The dreams of the poor are just as fantastic as any rich person. The dream journey has no price and given freely to all of us.

Dreaming is not merely a human practice. Occasionally, my family would watch our dog, Jade, do a muffled bark while taking a nap. We would laugh watching her feet twitch as if she was chasing something.

graphic by Leandro De Carvalho

When we sleep, we totally depart the real world and enter another story, another realm. Sleep equals unconsciousness, so in this state you are completely oblivious to what’s going on in the rest of the world but also your own room, even your own bed.

You leave the world as if you died, but you didn’t die. In fact, when you wake up … your fatigue has evaporated, your body rejuvenated, your joints are relaxed. Scientists know that not only is your body recharged but your mind and emotions are somewhat rebooted.

Even though we rarely remember our own dreams, it is known, without controversy in science, that all of us dream every single night. Experiments have also shown, if we are prevented from dreaming, we quickly become crazy people. For some reason, we must dream to stay sane.

Knowing precisely how dreaming contributes to our sanity has much speculation.

  • Is there a vital emotional outlet for us to vent true emotions or reveal ourselves to ourselves?

  • Is dreaming some kind of mental defrag eliminating unnecessary data?

  • Do our dreams help us to make sense of life or thoughts?

  • Are we trying to put things together in our subconscious state?

  • Are we dreaming to process random data into mental categories in our large database of memories?

… ultimately it is an incredibly critical part of our health.

graphic by Pixaby

When I have felt guilty, dreams have been oppressive and haunting. I have had pleasant dreams of the simple presence of a loved one who has passed away.

Having written hundreds and hundreds of articles and several books on how nature’s genius exceeds man’s intellect, here is a truth I have discovered: Throughout nature, all of its peculiarities and details have some purpose.

Dreaming: What an outrageous, creative, and obscure invention, yet vital. How is such a thing inserted into our human DNA? Who decided on this coding as necessary for us?

In addition to dreaming, which I mostly forget but need, nightly sleep is something I have come to greatly appreciate also. I’m thankful for the cycle of waking, working, relaxing and sleeping. I am glad my life is not one straight conscious duration but instead, interrupted every day with an end of the day, a closing of a chapter, a settling time. I need the pause and escape from all the concerns and so do you. We shutdown and reboot with a sense of another chance daily.

foto by Hebi B

What kind of fantastic imagination can invent such a thing as dreaming for humans and mammals, simultaneous with a good night rest in sync with the turn of our planet and then showing us a resurrection every morning?

An accident? An animal? Nah.

I think a real dreamer with an incredible imagination who knows how to fix us physically, emotionally and mentally.

Cat nap by congerdesign

God’s mercies are new every morning. Lamentations 3:23

Psalm 127:2 “… for He gives His beloved sleep.”

We are in sync with an orbiting planet queuing us with dark and light to stop, defrag, rest, and reboot fresh.

foto by Pezibear

would love to hear from you

Stay safe

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