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Sometimes, We Can Feel the Truth

photo by PublicDomainPictures

We think.

We analyze.

We reason.

We study.

We theorize.

We question.

But sometimes we can feel the truth.

That statement, along with many other realities in life,

might sound illogical and yet, it is universal.

We can have a gut feeling about danger.

There are stories of people being drawn to do something, like turning down a street and discovering someone in great need, and a life is saved.

Photo by PublicDomainPictures

Even the unusual worldwide attraction to music seems far more connected to feelings than choices.

Many times in my life, I have been drawn to nature in ways that have nothing to do with thinking. A sense of awe at dawn's first light . . .

photo by winterseitler

or being in wilderness on a moonless night and seeing so many stars they seemed more like sky dust.

The birth of a child and even puppies or kittens . . . awe fills me as I witness new life.

Watching a tree grow for years in all kinds of weather and pollution.

The power, the wisdom, the beauty sometimes overwhelms me in the silence of solitude surrounded by all kinds of life in the forest. I take it in emotionally more than mentally.

photo by Felix_Broennimann

I believe in thinking. I teach people about seeking truth but sometimes when I stop thinking as I behold such wonders, it is as if I open a gate and the volume of inspiration multiplies . . . and yes, I feel the truth.

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