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The Value of Wind

photo courtesy skeeze
photo courtesy Didgeman

Have you ever experienced a humid day with no wind? Even the slightest breeze is such a relief, like a gift.

It is the same in a dry desert. The slightest breeze feels like mercy.

What if suddenly tomorrow, we woke up and there was no wind, ever again?

Suddenly, the invisible service of the wind would become incredibly missed. No more pollinating by carrying seeds across short and long distances.

No doubt, there are a hundred other things of which we are not aware that suddenly would become known.

What would the cost be if a government wanted to provide a constant breeze? How would they do that? At what cost? Whatever massive technology would be required, I’m sure would not be enough to bring back the tree tops bending as the wind pruned and dusted all the trees in the world.

A world without wind ... What would change?

Photo courtesy OpenClipArt-Vectors

Hot air balloons would be unable to steer. Sailing boats, windmills and kites would become stories from the past.

If there was no wind over the entire surface of the earth, I have no doubt there would be disaster.

No blowing the pollution out of city and remember, the wind is as critical to pollination as are the bees. Without the wind, there is nothing to move rain clouds. Nothing to move shade-giving clouds or make the ever-changing art of cloud shapes.. Things we value little would sound like magical poetry. Imagine, invisible, free wind everywhere on earth for all to enjoy.

Photo courtesy dimitrisvetsikas1969

Do you see the impossible challenge of providing something as simple as a gentle breeze?

This is one more of billions of provisions given through nature that humanity takes for granted and yet cannot duplicate.

Ah, but this is fiction.

In reality, you can enjoy watching the gentle ballet of constant cloud transformation entertaining any who care to look.

Cartoon courtesy jambulboy

Watch the moon and stars disappear and reappear behind clouds.

Enjoy the soft relief of a breeze across your sweaty face.

Fly a kite.

Go wind-surfing.

Watch how leaves seem to sparkle reflecting sunlight as the wind makes the trees dance and love what we have.

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