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The Delicate Balance of Nature

Foto by Wokandapix

I’m sure you’ve heard the expression “Balance of Nature”.

There is a balance of life and interaction that seems as directed than a rehearsed orchestra.

There is also the effect of upsetting an entire eco-system by adding or subtracting something.

foto by drwart

For example, introducing a new species foreign to an area may have no natural enemies and quickly overwhelms its habitat. There are scenarios like this where the new species consumes its prey and puts them at risk of extinction. With one species going extinct something else may be altered in this balance of nature and this can trigger a chain reaction.

We hear a lot in the news about a new shortage of bees that could literally upset the entire planet. We don’t understand why so many bees are dying all over the world but we do understand they pollinate the majority of what we eat.

Can we begin to appreciate the beautiful tapestry of balance, of seasons, timing, interaction between species, interaction of species to timing, interaction of systems with everything? All systems, seasons and species seem to be woven together to make life flourish in this fantastic 3 dimensional, choreographed ballet that we rarely consider.

foto by kimhiz
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