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Brains to Build a Box

graphic by Maya Pujiati

A cardboard box is not something that happens. It was devised in a mind, cut specifically to fit like the idea, and them made or manufactured ready to hold something in that box.

Try to make your own box. It's not as easy as you might think.

A supersonic jet needs more brains to build, but before building, the ideas and planning also begins in the mind.

There are so many parts needed for so many functions for the jet. Each part is made for a specific purpose. Construction places every part where it is properly connected. Can you imagine? Eventually it is finished, fueled and ready to fly.

F-16 Fighter Jet

Even though it really is the same process as the box, it is obviously a huge difference with so many complex ideas in the conception and such skillful engineering compared to building a box.

There is an even bigger jump in complexity and skill from a jet to a white blood cell.

To build a single white blood cell requires nanotechnology planning on a molecular level. Building a white blood cell requires far more different parts than we thought possible in the 1980’s. The alien genius demand for successful construction expands as we discover all the parts are alive and every part of the white blood cell must be independently programmed to intrinsically understand its duty which is perfectly matched with its physical abilities and respond to unscheduled communication. Put all these incredibly tiny parts together and we have the construct of a white blood cell which, as a whole, is also living and has a specific and multiple purposes to perform. It is universally identified by these traits.

White blood cell among red blood cells

Unlike the jet, the white blood cell can learn and pass on information independent of man. Also, unlike the jet, it can reproduce, it silently responds intelligently to threats beyond human knowledge and manufactured computers.

A box is no accident. It requires intelligent intention. A jet is no accident. It requires intelligent intention but at a much higher level than a box. A white blood cell is no accident. It’s construction requires more intelligent intention than a jet and that is why man cannot construct a white blood cell.

I find nothing in this line of thinking that is religious or irrational even though we want to believe man is the supreme intelligence. I see plenty of tangible evidence to the contrary.

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