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Reverse Engineering Nature

Reverse engineering is studying something so that we can build it. The point of it being “reverse” is it’s already designed.

Of course, you know if you lose an eye, you will be blind for the rest of your life. We can give you a glass eye, but not a seeing eye. All attempts at reverse engineering an eyeball to create a seeing eye has not yet succeeded … eyes that can focus … eyes with pupils that can dilate and react to light and darkness … eyes having muscles connected so that you can look faster than your head can turn … eyes interacting with your brain for instant responses to flying objects or walking down steps.

This technology in the human eye is not new technology but already existed at least for many thousands of years. You think the pyramids is amazing ancient technology? The Egyptians had eyes and that’s way more advanced than pyramids. The engineering required for a functional eyeball is beyond the manufacturing ability of our most advanced science right now. We have samples but are unable to reverse engineer the samples we have.

This is everywhere in the human body and nature … advanced, ancient, so superior we cannot reverse engineer.

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