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Flatfish (Ichthyology)

Flatfish would make a scary fish movie. The horror that happens to its normal fish looks... As a young fish it looks like all the other fish, swimming in sunny waters, eating plankton but after just a few weeks, the bones in its head begin to shift, forcing one of its eyes to literally go to the other side of its face leaving the other side completely blind.

Its mouth contorts and the flatfish starts to swim crooked.

One side of its body, the side with eyes, becomes speckled but the other one becomes very drab. And eventually it will lay on the bottom of the ocean with the two eyes facing up waiting for prey or hiding from predators.

Halibut, soles and flounders; you’ve eaten them many times. They are all flatfish species. There are 700 species inside 11 families, going from a tiny 2 grams to the huge Atlantic Halibut reaching more than 300 kilograms.

The evolutionist explanation is when the flatfish ancestors decided to dwell on the bottom, one eye was always in the sand so it eventually moved one eye to the other side.

What do you think of that explanation?

I find it comical.

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