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More than One Way (Entomology)

Nature constantly shows us there is more than one way to do things:

-The Katydid bug can hear, but through its hind legs.

-A butterfly tastes with its feet.

-A snail’s eyes are at the end of its two top antennae.

-Goats and octopus both have rectangular eye pupils.

-With seahorses, the female deposits her eggs into the male pouch, and there they are fertilized and the seahorse male seems to go into labor when the eggs are finally incubated.

-We might think Spiderman walks on walls with sticky things but we’ve learned how lizards (or more correctly “geckos”) walk on walls and ceilings. Their wall-walking ability comes from molecular interaction so fast that they can run across a ceiling.

Nature is no salesman proposing how things might work. Nature proves its genius with unlimited working parts and wonders that baffle scientists, inspire poets and allows even the most cynical people to still enjoy nature’s silent function and coordination on an unimaginable scale.

Ah life. It is an experience that is only unlimited by our own unwillingness to look, hear, feel and consider the miraculous abundance we cannot comprehend.

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