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Giraffe Tongue (Zoology)

The tallest mammal in the world is the giraffe. A giraffe cannot swim. It doesn’t have vocal chords. It has the highest blood pressure of any animal. A giraffe cannot cough but its babies are six feet tall.

Evolution tells us how things came to be. It usually involves a deficiency in a species that is “somehow recognized by accident.” That doesn’t sound right. Accidents are accidents. Recognizing something requires discernment.

The theory supposes DNA instills something new and improved for allowing future generations to enjoy better design improvements. However, they emphasize there is no designer involved.

So how does a giraffe clean its ears?

I suppose the theory would be something like; the giraffes had very dirty ears because it could not reach any part of its body to its ears. So over millions of years it grew its tongue to the current length of about 21 inches. And that’s how a giraffe cleans its ears and its eyes.

Giraffe lifespans average 25 years. I think if I was an ancient giraffe capable of reprogramming my DNA, I would instruct rather than a longer tongue, Please extend my lifespan to 50 plus years?”

I have long considered a longer lifespan a superior, if not the best survival skill.

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