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SALT Fresno was published in California primarily for Christian school teachers and career folks in public education facing the dilemma of sharing their faith where the Bible, the 10 commandments, prayer and even displaying the baby Jesus manger scene was outlawed.  Also, science teachers told they were not only restricted from offering creationism as an alternative to evolution but also forbidden to suggest the origins of life and order could possibly require intelligence. This was banned in court as a religious view inappropriate for a science class in the U.S.  However, the magazine grew in popularity with pastors, community leaders and the general public.

After years of work, thousands of U.S. dollars, its final issue was printed digitally in Spring of 2013 after years of free issues distributed strictly on a donation basis and primary sponsorship by Larry & Dot Powell, the founders and funders.  There were plenty of volunteers in addition to writers and editors and the work itself is a testimony to what can be done with choices, drive, teamwork and real individual work.

The magazine was published every other month, 6 times a year, and I believe my column appeared in all except once when Kim Bagato, the editor, did an article about me in the Philippines.

You can link to the magazine archives here

Many of the earlier (pre-website) versions never made it to the digital format so are not available online.

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My work with SALT was mostly dealing with the science/nature celebration of genius but I felt comfortable to insert occasional spiritual elements not generally shared in most of my other public work.

Below are some PDF samples of articles I gladly  contributed to this worthy cause. Some are literally suitable for framing because of the SALT volunteers who provided the layout and the beautiful graphics. If I learn their names I will provide credit here.

Be sure to zoom in once opened so you can read easier.
typical bamboo in Philippines2011 May- “Bamboo Blessing”   Bamboo, an Asian resource with so many uses and amazing worldwide synchronized blossoming.


Below are 5 more free 2-page PDF color articles downloadable articles.

2011 Sept- Fight to Flourish  Nature’s lesson to us to also never defeat ourselves but always fight to flourish.

2011 Mar Stonehenge vs the Grass  No one would say Stonehenge was a random circle of rocks yet the grass growing there exceedingly more complex beyond modern man’s ability is declared the result of unintelligent, accidental, random evolution.

2010 Mar Spreading Seeds  The amazing variety of how seeds use nature to get transported in every direction to spread their species.

2011 July Character in Work  How the skill and character of a workman is revealed in his work as God is revealed also in nature.

2012 Mar- Nature, Cause for Faith  Why the Philippines must understand real science does not contradict what is true and prevent the “apples/oranges” argument of “faith/science” from becoming cultural.

I think there are 28 full color articles published in the SALT magazine, plus the one by Kim Bagato (SALT magazine’s Chief Editor) about me, my work with SALT and elsewhere, but I am missing 3, leaving 25 in my inventory.

Please let me know if you are interested in seeing them by leaving a comment in Requests.