Nature Narrations Radio or Newspaper Syndication


Radio and Newspaper Syndication

“Nature Narrations” is an inspiring, sometimes provocative nature program focusing on the ingenuity of nature in 100 seconds. Poignant, educational but also insightful alerting listeners/readers to the subtext of nature and the credibility of the scientific method.

The more we describe it here, the more vague it may become. It is best to read a dozen of the brief transcriptions which can be used for newspaper columns but it is also good to listen to the audio program if you are looking for a daily program for your radio station.

In layman’s terms simple enough for high school but sophisticated enough for a classical music station, where it plays daily right now.

This is for you. You could only wish it was longer. Sound bites. Diverse. Interesting. Thought-provoking.

There are already more than 250 programs/transcriptions.

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Evolution may be undermined, but without religion and it is not the target. The target is awakening the marvel of nature as consistent genius. The scientific method is strongly supported. There is some tickling the audience that superior engineering requires no brains may be worth questioning. Whether the audience applauds the notion, scoffs at the idea or are just entertained, nature’s parade of functionality is vast, beautiful, impressive and sought after by all science.