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  • Self-constructing trees from seeds, seeing eyes, birds in flight, and an orchestra of interaction on a planet floating in space with precision; nature’s engineering surpasses man’s greatest dreams. No one can censor nature from proclaiming a great intelligence with magnificent, artistic flair. 
  • The mind and creativity of man is so above the animal kingdom we seem disguised as earth-dwellers but compared to nature’s technology, our best technology is primitive.

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The Three Little Pigs

Three Little Pigs 65kb

Which of the three little pigs was the smartest? The wolf blew down the straw and stick house but the third pig saved the day with his brick house. Without an IQ test or knowing anything about the three little pigs, we all agree who is the smartest because of his best display of talent in architecture and construction.

Let’s take three more architects and you decide who is the smartest.

  1. Monkey can use tools to break open a coconut.
  2. Man can make airplanes, computers, skyscrapers, satellites, TV, radio, short wave, and microwave communications. Also plastic plants, glass eyeballs, toupees, and plastic surgery.
  3. Unnamed intelligence can make man, birds, mountains, moons, planets, universes, galaxies, millions of reproducing species that grow, eat, and function interdependently. Also, living plants and trees, eyes that see, ears that hear, hair that grows, and skin that heals.

Now if you read science books and watch educational TV, usually they will tell you there is hardly a difference between #1 and #2. As far as looks and physical traits go, I guess I agree; but as far as ability goes, I don’t think there is any competition. And yes, I did see several Planet of the Apes movies, but I have not read one book written by a monkey yet.

Most of these same educational programs and textbooks will suggest or declare that #2 is the greatest intelligence known in the universe. Right now, in different parts of the world, we are sending out signals looking for intelligent alien life. I find that comical because if you look again at number three, even without an IQ test but simply based on the architecture and construction, I would say number three is far smarter than #2. Just like I think a brick house with a chimney is plenty of proof of intelligence. How about you? Still, these educational books and programs keep telling us it takes intelligence to make a straw house (monkey with a tool). They tell us it takes intelligence to build a stick house (man’s inventions) and that we are the supreme intelligence. But, they teach our children and us, it takes absolutely no intelligence to make a brick house (everything in the universe). It just happened over billions of years by accident.

I’m sticking with the three-pig logic. The third pig proved he is the smartest by what he built. Show me one house that built itself accidentally and I’ll show you a wolf that blows down houses.

Think about It

What 10-year-old child could design a planet, all of nature, and the universe? We know there is no non-human on earth as smart as a 10-year-old. How did organisms with less intelligence than a 10-year-old provide the complete earth and universe as we see it today?

  •  Journey with your child, students, friends, partner or fly solo through 60 easy articles. Justify your emotional reaction to so many un-celebrated marvels around you and in you. Ignite again the childlike wonder at nature’s realities clearly more imaginative than any science fiction. Listen to nature whispering wisdom and awaken your ability to be more inspired by nature than ever before. 

NATURE IS ALWAYS TALKING illustrations from among 60 drawn by Nadz Balingasa for “Nature Is Always Talking”

Tarsier 28kb

Call that Flying 83kb

Feather 72kb Fighting Toxins 82kb Hard Evidence vs 76kb LoTech HiTech 75kb

  • Biology, space, animal instincts, geology, human behavior, plant life, anatomy, scientific method, critical thinking, physics, and more sciences in a reader-friendly format suitable for reading to children but challenging assumptions to engage the interest of a scientist. 

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