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NN Banner“Braindrop” sound bites for the listener, a mere 120-seconds to stimulate your appreciation and celebration of nature. Extrapolating from what we plainly observe in space, our bodies, animals, cell life, insects, interdependence, plants, trees and the genius engineering abundantly in and around us.

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If you are an FEBC listener, this is the program you hear daily on The Masters Touch, Philippines national classical music station (Far East Broadcasting Corporation). Glad you found us here.

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Missing Evidence Means No Evidence-What should be there, isn’t

Hello! We have nearly 2,000 skeletons of dinosaurs, nearly complete.  That’s a lot of evidence.  Now according to one evolutionary theory, at least,  the dinosaurs pre-dated cavemen, whatever they are, by millions of years.  So a logical person would expect there to be a lot more cavemen skeletons than dinosaur skeletons and they should be much higher up in the ground – millions of years later.  But in fact, if you do the research you will find there is not one complete “caveman skeleton”  the missing link.  Now in the court of law if we are trying to convict the accused of murder and the prosecuting attorney says, “Well, we believe there’s evidence we just haven’t found them yet.” Well, the man goes free.  Sometimes it is very simple.  There’s missing evidence because that evidence doesn’t exist. How in the world can science or a court of law reach a conclusion on missing evidence.  My friends, may I propose that missing evidence is exactly equal to no evidence.

Biological Bluff – A species  of harmless moths look like hornets to survive. How?

Mimicry. It’s not the same as camouflage. There is the Hornet Moth. A harmless moth but because it is brightly colored like a hornet, it confuses its predators; mostly birds.

Would you eat French Fries that looked like slimy worms? Probably not. The hornet moth is imitating something not yummy to a bird. It’s a good costume. But imagine with me, will you consider this? This is an entire species that is born to grow into this appearance in the adult stage, all looking like these hornets. It has the black and yellow stripes with the small brown wings. If we saw one together and you told me “Go ahead and grab it, it is just a small, harmless moth.” I wouldn’t believe you. It looks so much like a hornet.

Who or what notices the strategic advantage of looking like a completely different species that, notice, birds don’t want to eat? So who’s observing the pattern of bird behavior, takes notes and considers the bluff of appearing like a hornet a good strategy? Who is doing this problem solving and implementing creative solutions followed by, ready for this? Genetic engineering greater than anything man can do today?

Happy Health – What is nature’s message to us if happiness brings better health? 

Who can I quote as an authoritative source to convince you it is healthier to be happy than depressed or stressed or angry or afraid? I think you already know it.

Doctors know that a happy person recovers faster from surgery, and happier folks have lower blood pressure then angry or worried types.

Happy people generally live longer.  When we are not feeling guilty, when we are not worried but instead find ourselves content, thankful, cheerful … life is not only better but our bodily systems all work much better and this has been proven.

What is nature telling us with these facts being true? I would say that even though our world is filled with suffering;  throughout our world sadness, anger, depression and worry – that this is not truly what we were designed to be. That in our most natural, functional state, we are happy. All humans by design were meant to be happy at our best and in our most natural state.

Like boats designed for water and airplanes designed to fly; humans were made to be happy.

Fred-The Chess Player – Pretending humans are smarter than anyone in the universe

Once upon a time there was an amateur chess player named Fred who considered himself smart and liked to brag about it. He was mostly undefeated at the local Thursday night competitions until Mary beat him. Friends asked Fred “What happened?”

“Luck”, he replied.

But the following Thursday Mary beat him again. And Fred admitted to everyone she was lucky twice.

After defeating Fred 12 weeks in a row folks began to murmur that Mary was better than Fred but Fred loudly protested that Mary was not smarter or better at chess but incredibly, magically lucky. Fred guaranteed that Mary was absolutely not as smart and definitely not as good a chess player as Fred was, so he refused to ever play her again.

Do you ever wonder why 99% of the world’s scientists admit that they cannot figure out 99% of nature’s secrets, but it’s only luck, not brains … that they might be a little bit like Fred?

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