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Below a sampling of 30 Nature Narrations as they were broadcast.

Hundreds of these short audio narratives have been broadcast and soon they will be compiled into pleasant ebooks great for sharing with your kids, great for college students pondering the credibility of evolution vs an intelligent designer under the bright light of the scientific method. Perfect for youth groups of all kinds in English.

It isn’t a debate book, although empowering, it is a nature appreciation in a conversational manner observing nature’s genius in today’s world.

Just click your choice and it will play.

I often work under deadlines and no one checks my work before submissions. Sometimes I say one word when I meant another like “trillion” instead of “billion” or “strand” instead of “chromosome”. I hope you are motivated to double check anything but most of all I hope you can double your appreciation of nature’s grandeur.

If you have a knack for quick research and would like to check my work for errors preceding broader distribution I can promise no pay but name credit for your volunteer help.

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