Telegraph Plant

If you have ever owned a house plant and put it near a window, you have observed that the leaves will literally reach for the sun after a few days. They will redirect the angle of the branches and the leaves. Now with the aid of photography, you can see how they really do that.

But there is a plant in Asia called “The Telegraph Plant” but its leaves move quick enough that your human eyes can see it. The little 2 leaves at the base of the larger leaves – spin.

I’ve read on websites that they’re looking for maximum sunlight, but that doesn’t make sense because they don’t find a sweet spot, they just keep turning. So I investigated some more and found out that the nickname for this plant is the “Dancing Plant”, which I find appropriate because these plants respond to sound, especially high pitched sound. I’ve seen videos where it looks like it’s dancing to the music but probably responding to the sounds and the waves.

The more these plants are exposed to high-pitched music, the more they respond, which has sparked a theory that they have memory.

After a century of research they still don’t really know why those leaves move the way they do.  But there is a reason.  These are common houseplants so I think you and I should each buy one.

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