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NIAT brighter

Published 2013 – Philippines
5″ x 7″ 292 pages
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“Nature Is Always Talking” 

Published in the Philippines – 60 Illustrations, graphs and charts, and intriguing questions in the index. Available nationwide in the Philippines print and Buqo ebook.

NOW AVAILABLE worldwide as Kindle ebook outside Asia.

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“Nature is Always Talking” by Samuel J Alibrando is entertaining, challenging, and thought-provoking. The sixty selections in this book reduce complex and often ignored concepts to a level of understanding that ordinary people can grasp. Humor, logic and scientific facts powerfully allow the reader to see the handiwork and intelligence of the uncreated Creator. . . and leaves you in awe of the story nature tells. I recommend it without reservation.” Harold J. Sala, Phd  Author and Founder of Guidelines International  

Ebook version in Asia via Buqo 150 pesos. Outside Asia, Kindle ebook $4.99

NN on Atom2-minute daily radio program

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On the FM dial, a daily 2-minute radio program on Philippines national classical music station providing insights on nature, its genius, and unrivaled engineering.

Weekdays and weekends, also streaming online DZFE The Masters Touch (Metro Manila 98.7 FM).

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We are finishing editing now to provide 50 transcripts from Nature Narrations in ebook form entitled “Brain-Stirring, Inspiring Nature” for instant download before June 15, 2016. This will be quickly followed by an audiobook with the same 50 articles, all on Kindle/Amazon.

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Christians in the Arena-Stepping Into the Arenas of Leadership, Influence and Political Controversy

“Christians in the Arena – Stepping into the Arenas of Leadership, Influence and Political Controversy

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The marvelous voice of Charles Kahlenberg, voice and screen actor,  adds gold to the book with gentle authority and dramatic articulation unveiling the reality of these profound messages. Enjoy listening while driving or working. Downloadable now. Search for “Alibrando” at or simply click on the CD cover here to the right.  Listen to a 1 minute sample there.  Click cover for details & downloads →

Ebook version recently available for download at Amazon and Kindle for $4.99.

Alibrando Music, Lyrics and Songwriting

piano-and-guitar←This leads to mp3 links and songwriting conversation. For most songs, lyrics and chords are also provided for musicians wanting to play the same music.  You can listen to original music composed by Samuel J Alibrando.  Some is recorded in Philippines and the rest by Alibrando in California alone. And for the convenience of worship teams, some songs also have free power point downloads.


“Nature Never Stops Talking-The Wonderful Ingenuity of Nature”

Published 2005 in USA

Published 2005 in USA
details, excerpts, reviews and links

U.S. Published book 2005, Kindle eBook 2nd Edition 2016

“If you love nature and are a student of its intricacies you will no doubt consider this book a good read. For others of you, it will make an excellent resource as you examine nature with your children. You can quickly find the subject you are covering and come away with some tantalizing tidbits sure to promote thoughtful conversation.” Product Review by Dena Wood, The Old Schoolhouse Magazine, LLC, March, 2006

The printed version is almost out of print.

Available internationally via Amazon and Kindle for $4.99. It is a Second Edition update with some editing and graphic improvements but mostly the same book but with cool linking functions also added.

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“Christians in the Arena – Stepping into the Arenas of Leadership, Influence and Political ControversyUSA published in 2006

U.S. published 2006  (click cover for details & downloads)  Ebook version on Amazon for $2.99

“Christians in the Arena” has more than 185 scriptures on why God wants and commands His people to influence and contend for right as a way of showing love for their community and nation. If good people do not lead, we  permit only bad people to lead us.

(Digital Audiobook & Ebook versions – same title/author but different cover)

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SALT Fresno Magazine – California Publication

SALT Fresno

SALT Fresno
Color PDF graphic sample articles, details and links

Beautiful full-color graphic PDF articles extracted from SALT Fresno with some spiritual comments not normally expressed in other public articles on nature’s genius.

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